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Mold Coolant Plugs

1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Body Size
Maximum 200 PSI

DME Jiffy-Tite and Jiffy-Matic and Parker Moldmate Interchange.
Series HM couplers are the standard in the injection molding industry and are fully interchangeable with other mold coolant coupler series. They are constructed of solid brass with silicone lathe cut seals and stainless components for corrosion resistance in water. They come standard with silicone seals and can be fitted with sleeve locks for safety or can be ordered with regular hose barbs, push lock hose barbs and along with a variety of 90 and 45 degree variations. Extension plugs are also available.

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Valved Plugs

valved-plugMNPTSteel 1/4" PlugBrass 1/4" PlugValved
MNPTSteel 3/8" PlugBrass 3/8" PlugValved
MNPTSteel 1/2" PlugBrass 1/2" PlugValved

Unvalved Plugs

unvalved-plugFNPTSteel 1/4" PlugBrass 1/4" Plug
FNPTSteel 3/8" PlugBrass 3/8" Plug
FNPTSteel 1/2" PlugBrass 1/2" Plug

Extension Plugs

extensionHP251X___1/4" Plug X 1/8" MPT
HP252X___1/4" Plug X 1/4" MPT
HP253X___1/4" Plug X 3/8" MPT
HP352X___3/8" Plug X 1/4" MPT
HP353X___3/8" Plug X 3/8" MPT
HP354X___3/8" Plug X 1/2" MPT
HP554X___1/2" Plug X 1/2" MPT

Lengths Available: 2.5″, 4″, 5.5″, 7″, 8.5″

  • One piece construction for fast assembly, positive removal.
  • Installation problems associated with pipe nipple extensions on standard plugs are eliminated.
  • One-piece brass construction eliminates a potential leak.
  • Point and ensures remove ability.

Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect
and disconnect.

Precision leak proof seal, lathe cut from silicone tubing. Two piece construction
on straight stem sockets. Double knurl on socket sleeve for easier grip.

Sockets have six balls, 200 PSIG, -65 to 425°F

Two-way sockets and plugs eliminate coolant loss
through automatic shut off at disconnect.

Two-way plugs can only be used with two-way sockets.

Regular plugs may be used
with either straight-thru or one-way sockets.