About Us

Hofmann Fluid Power, Inc. was founded in 1950 as Hofmann Engineering Company. Our core objectives – provide superior customer service, great value and quality products.

We concentrated on brass and steel couplings and fittings at the start of the 1950’s, but our product line grew quickly to incorporate stainless steel and chrome-plated offerings. The business was progressing very quickly and in the 1960’s we added plastic tubing and a variety of hose products.

In 1974, with the passing of our founder, the second generation of the Hofmann family moved the company forward further still and in 1996 we changed our name to Hofmann Fluid Power, Inc. to more accurately reflect our industry.

The early 1990’s also marked the addition of the third generation of Hofmann’s to proudly join the company. This was a significant time in our company’s history. The 1990’s were landmark years of growth for our business and our customers as we expanded yet again with CNC equipment and technology, lathes and vertical mills.

Three generations speak to our expertise, knowledge and passion to service our customer’s needs and history shows we are steadfastly committed to the growth and excellence of our industry.